UON Technologies
Although this depends greatly on the clarity of the water, the OMM’s expected communication distance is 10 to 15 meters in typical operating conditions.
The hardware design supports up to 1Mbps.
Deployed, deep-sea housings for the OMM’s has been tested and rated for 4000 meters. Different models are available for use in either shallow waters or deeper waters - please contact us for details.
The OMM’s are equipped with a 5 Ah battery. While transmitting, the OMM’s peak current usage is 2A, and during standby, the current consumption is 100mA. Future software revisions is expected to drop standby current to 10mA.
  1. Check that the power LED light is on. If it is not, charge the batteries.
  2. If the power LED light is on check all the connectors.
    1. Check that the connectors are wired correctly.
    2. Check that the connectors are firmly seated.
  3. Check the software and device which is communicating to the OMM’s.
  4. Check to see if the OMMs are too close, and are facing each other. In air they should be at least 15 feet apart, or else the receivers are at risk of saturation.
  1. The charge time is about 8:1 for charge time versus transmission time (8 minutes of charging allows for 1 minute of transmission).
  2. The charge time is about 1:1 for charge time versus OMM idle time.