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UON OMM - Optical Modem Module

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The UON Technologies Optical Modem Module (OMM), part of the UON Sensorbot™ family, is a semi-directed optical communication device designed for data-muling and networked sensing applications.

These modules are built for low-power, burst communications as well as multi-hop networks that extend the range of the optical data transfer.

Compatible with sensor packages, power supplies, and seafloor nodes, this blue-light deep-sea capable modem enables high-bandwidth, wireless underwater communication in a variety of ocean environments and applications.

Communication range, bandwidth, power consumption, and turbidity are fundamentally linked. The following product features and system were chosen to address stringent customer requirements in a wide range of ocean conditions.

Kit Contents:

The UON OMM system includes 2 4000 meter rated Type III anodized aluminum 6061 t6 Housing, VITROVEX Deep Sea Instrument Hemisphere - NMS-HS-BK7-4.5/7 (or alternate NMS-HS-BOR-4.5/7), SubConn® DLPBH13MAS Connector, DLPDC13F, DLPDC13F (shorted), DLPIL13F Data I/O Cable, OMM alpha Electronics including uC control with DSP physical layer and FPGA-based digital transceiver, 9-15V power supply input, FPGA-based digital transceiver, 2 amp hour rechargeable battery, pressure test certificate, documentation, and software

The System also Includes:

Spares kit and Vacuum Tools - Spare O-rings (2x sets) for housing, spare service port, all hardware, vacuum service tool, end-user level documentation for housing maintenance and operation

Customized Pelican case 1560 with foam pockets; holds two OMM's, connectors, cable, spares, and service parts

*Optical Modem Modules, vacuum tools and Spares Kits are available separately

UON OMMs (Alpha)

Parameter Details
Data Rates Data rates 9600 bits-per-second to 115 kbps
Bit Error Rate 1e-6 or better
Bandwidth 5kHz to 35kHz
Memory 32 GB
Range Up to 40 Meters
Communication 2π steradian
Modulation OOK
Error detection Parity Sum Check
Through water communications protocol Confirmed packet delivery. If the transmitting end does not receive an acknowledgement, it will resend the data two more times. Number of retries is configurable
Addressing Uniquely addressable with an 8-bit address
Receive sensitivity 10 to 15 meter range with alpha equal to 0.3 to 1
Peak transmit power 3.3 Watts
Physical size 8.45" L, 5.5" diameter cylinder
Depth Rating Standard housing rated to 4,000m
Electronics uP Control with DSP Physical Layer
Power supply input voltage 9 to 15V
Current consumption 1.25A transmit peak power
250mA @ 12V 13-pin Low Profile SubConn Voltage (10 to 1 charge to use time ratio)
2mA sleep
External Connections 13-pin Low Profile SubConn header to connect power, host communications, and programming access
Host Communications RS232, TTL, 3.3V
9600 to 115.2 kbps programmable
Host Command ASCII to configure and command the modem
Temperature range 0 to 80C

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